A day after the latest political Twitter feud starting with Jai Wolf and Ghastly, and eventually involving Ookay, Jauz, Hotel Garuda, Chet Porter, other artist managers, and more, LA-based producer has joined the fray and seems particularly hellbent on calling out artists managed by Moe Shalizi, specifically.

Shalizi is a power manager in the EDM world, signing acts like Marshmello, Ookay, Jauz, Ghastly, Tiësto, Slushii, Sikdope, Maejor, and more, so it would logically follow that others might feel threatened by him. AWE in particular chose to engage in yesterday’s kerfuffle by calling out Shalizi’s artists specifically, since Ghastly was the main instigator, we suppose.

However, as bad as these tweets look on the surface, it wasn’t how AWE first became involved. That happened when Slushii tweeted that “music is supposed to be an escape from [political talk],” and AWE disagreed. Slushii’s tweet has since been deleted.

However, based on the tweets above, he clearly called Ghastly, one of Shalizi’s artists, “scum,” so… and all of the tweets from Shalizi or Slushii allegedly calling AWE names have since been deleted.

Slushii and Jauz in particular chimed in, defending their boss, but also themselves as they were among those accused of not being artists.

For his attempt at chiming in and joining the side of the “righteous” in this particular Twitter spat, AWE managed to only make himself look foolish and bigoted and nothing more. Better luck next time.


Photo via Rukes.com


An earlier version of this article contained fewer tweets from AWE which could have skewed the story in a more negative light.