Rezz has blessed us with her debut album Mass Manipulation and news of an accompanying tour already this year, but the producer is far from done with the surprises!

She just jumped on The Cult of Rezz Facebook page to share some insight on her next collaborative project:

“One of my most proud of collaborative artistic projects (relative to mass manipulation of course) is coming out very soon. Hate to be a tease but I will announce it officially via live stream really soon probably tomorrow. Yu are gonna freak out.”

Correction: we’re already freaking out.

During our interview with Rezz at Electric Forest, she let us onto an forthcoming “visual representation.” Her excitement back then, compared to that of her recent post has led us to believe she’s talking about the same artistic project.

While touching on her home planet Neptune she explains around the 2:16 mark: “You’re going to see a visual representation of where I’m from.”

Rezz x Your EDM at Electric Forest

EXCLUSIVE: We finally have proof… REZZ isn't from Earth

Posted by Your EDM on Friday, July 28, 2017


Photo via Rukes