The Killers‘ new album Wonderful Wonderful just dropped, but that’s not the only thing the band is making headlines for…

An interview is circulating in which drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. reveals he rolled for the first time while seeing deadmau5 in Argentina. Although he doesn’t claim to be a huge fan of EDM, he admits he had an absolute blast at the show!

In the interview with SPIN, Vannucci explains:

“We were in Argentina once, Buenos Aires, and we saw Deadmau5. And I went in there fully just like, shitty attitude, not ready to enjoy myself. I enjoyed it. It was like a full-on experience. It was awesome. It’s not really my bag, but I was there, my dad was there, we were surrounded by a bunch of South American models. Everything was fine.”

“You need to get the whole story — It was also Ron’s first time experimenting with MDMA,” singer Brandon Flowers adds.

So was it the deadmau5 or the MDMA? As for EDM music in general, Vannucci says, “I’m not hip to DJ culture as much, but I’ve heard some really cool shit. But the majority of it is shit. And it’s bad.”

We’re hoping he at least enjoys Duke Dumont‘s remix for “The Man” because it’s f*cking incredible!

“The Man” Duke Dumont Remix

Source: SPIN | Image via The Killers