R&B vocalist Seanloui has become known since the release of his first EP, W.A.I.S.T.D., for combining his smooth vocal sounds with different genres of EDM. Each track on the EP is a fusion of his R&B vocals and lyrics and house, trance, or even IDM. His new track, “Tell Me” must definitely have been a challenge because he’s managed to hook together a trance song structure with his R&B vocals and trap breaks without either piece overpowering the others.

“Tell Me” starts out like a typical R&B song, reminiscent of the 90s ballad groups like Boys II Men, complete with a soft electronic organ and swelling guitar. Seanloui’s first verse starts before the beat drop, effectively serving as the build and the break. Once the first beat and the one that carries each verse is a light, chill trance beat which is complimented with a progressive melody. The surprise comes when the chorus slows down to a trap beat, while the R&B vocals don’t stop. This is one way Seanloui is able to merge all these styles and keep them uniform; by keeping the vocals going. Even when the breaks come around the transitions back to trance from trap, the vocals continue and are the string that holds everything together so that while “Tell Me” is written like an EDM track, it easily doubles as R&B.

Seanloui’s smooth, emotive R&B vocals work with EDM because of the styles he’s chosen but also the way the tracks are composed. He could chop up a track like “Tell Me” into a more ravey, big room sort of style – and the remixes are likely forthcoming – but this track, despite its chill, smooth vibe, could be mixed in easily with any trance, trap or even drum and bass set.

“Tell Me” is out tomorrow, September 29. Check out Seanloui’s Soundcloud for stream and buy links.