LZRD is quickly becoming one of our favorite up-and-coming producers of 2017, and listening to any of his recent tracks, it’s easy to see why. The young producer has an unmistakable sound that comes across with a distinct joie de vivre, a brightness that just makes you smile and want to dance.

For his latest remix, he’s taken on “From Here” by Louis The Child. The original has become an absolute classic in the duo’s catalogue, a slowly simmering, playful tune that is hard to really nail down by genre. For LZRD’s own part, he takes the original and shoves it into overdrive, putting it in a higher tempo and throwing on some crazily textured synths that have become his specialty.

It’s an absolute blast even just listening to this remix, so there’s no doubt it would be just as fun to dance to live. Check out the remix below, and grab the free download if you dig it.