It’s been a long time coming, but Grey’s debut EP is finally here. Starting as sort of proteges to Zedd, the brother duo has come a long way and have at last established a firm presence and a strong individuality in their production, blending live performance elements with stellar production in the studio.

For their debut EPĀ Chameleon, the duo teams up with a variety of artists, including Asia, Skott, Frances, Stephen, Anthony Green, and the first new song for Avril Lavigne in two years. Though not to be overshadowed by their impeccable selection in vocalists and collaborators, the production on each and every song is as strong as it could be. The EP flows effortlessly from track to track, weaving a clear style and intent – something rather difficult to convey in just a short 5-track EP.

Yesterday, we revealed that Avril Lavigne would be on the EP, and the response on social media was… tepid. But now that listeners can finally hear “Wings Clipped,” we’re confident they’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The collaboration with Stephen is another standout on the EP, clearly taking influence from Zedd’s percussive style, but incorporating it into their own. Stephen’s influence is also clear as day, and is a phenomenal fit for Grey’s pop/EDM sensibilities.

TheĀ ChameleonĀ EP is available now to stream in full on Spotify. Check it out below!