EDM’s most well known ghost producer Maarten Vorwerk is back in action under the moniker Jeckyll & Hyde with a brand new hardstyle track!

Earlier this year, the producer put out a release under his own name, Vorwerk, titled “You’re the One” — proving he can do future bass just as well as the next guy, in case anyone had any doubt. His latest Jeckyll & Hyde track couldn’t be more different, as he literally takes his sound “Back In Time.”

The producer has always been open about his ventures, whether they’re his own or he’s writing for other people. Earlier this year, Vorwerk told We Rave You he planned on dropping this ticking time bomb, and now it has finally arrived…

“Back in 2005 I started this alias Jeckyll & Hyde which featured a more melodic type of jumpstyle. I had a few big hits (#1) in 2006-2007. Now 10 years later it felt right to go back on stage. Bringing back the nostalgic sound from then and maybe even put out some new music!?”

Once again, Vorwerk proves his versatility with this powerful new release.

Jeckyll & Hyde – Back In Time

Source: We Rave You