Mura Masa stunned the industry with his self-titled debut album this year, and now he’s proving his ability to think on his feet with a random set of records.

It all goes down in the latest installment of Mass Appeal‘s Rhythm Roulette, featuring the hybrid trap producer. He snags vinyls of William Basinski’s “A Shadow in Time,” Luis’ “Dreamt Takes” and Cognition’s “The Road.” We’re pretty certain, no matter which three tracks he would have pulled, it would have turned out just as great.

At just 21-year-old, Mura Masa is a master of his craft, and it’s incredibly captivating to watch him carefully splice and compose this impromptu production. The end result is otherworldly, for real.

“You gotta be really tasteful, and then take it all away from people,” he says as he perfectly mixes together beautiful with ratchet.

“It’s getting a little bit U.K. in here. A little bit dirty, a little bit naughty.”

Rhythm Roulette: Mura Masa