Run The Trap recently caught up with YehMe2’s Josh Young, fka half of the massive trap duo Flosstradamus.

Late last year, Josh stunned dance music fans by announcing that he was parting ways with the group to focus on his solo career, while he let fellow Flosstradamus member Curt Cameruci retain the Floss brand. The reasoning for the split was never clear, aside from Josh’s initial comments on the matter.

In the recent RTT interview, Josh opened up a bit more about the split, but he was still rather vague about the whole thing.

“There are some factors I’m willing to discuss publicly and some that I’m not,” he told RTT. “Mainly in addition to wanting to spend more time with my family, I wanted to take creative control of my career, music and artistic vision.”

He said that after nearly a decade with the group, of course it was a tough decision to ultimately make, but he “felt it was time to let go.”

When asked about the production process in Flosstradamus, as a duo, Josh’s answer seemed rather peculiar in relation to the way other duo’s might work – but hey, whatever works for them, right?

“When it came to music we didn’t collaborate music. Songs [were] usually produced by one of us,” he said. “Curt usually produced the originals, and I usually handled remixes and collabs. I don’t miss sharing creative responsibility, no.”

Josh now tours and produces by himself under the name YehMe2, and most recently played a stellar performance at Southern California’s HARD Summer Music Festival. As for the future of the project, Josh is embarking on his “Steal This Tour” tour with what he calls a stage design you’ve “never seen before.” He also has upcoming collaborations with Troyboi, Seno, Drunken Masters, and Whipped Cream.


Source: Run The Trap