Yotto has been steadily rising since the inception of the project. He’s already had 5 Essential New Tune’s according to Pete Tong, and 2 of the Hottest Records in the World according to Annie Mac. To top that all off, he’s been on the road with Eric Prydz and Dixon, and he recently released a remix of the Gorillaz “Busted & Blue”. To sprinkle a little more icing on that, he just released a new 5 track EP.

It’s no surprise that this guy can crank out some serious tunes. And this new five track EPĀ North EP is no different. Similar to Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago, Yotto holed himself up in the wilderness of northern Finland to create this EP. While Yotto is known for his deep house creations, this EP explores the boundaries of what the genre has to offer. The track is an eclectic mix of music from the eclectic producer.

Check out the full EP below: