Oliver Heldens collaborates and connects with fans in an awesome way for his new music video “What The Funk!”

In a series of homemade clips, his following reveals lyrics to the song in creative ways. Some show off their talents while others prove their humor, as “What The Funk” plays out over cityscapes, bedroom dance parties, gatherings among friends and beyond. The music video inevitably becomes a dance off as shufflers get down to the funky beat.

The producer gives all the credit to those who participated:

“You did it!” Heldens shared in the YouTube description. “The official What The Funk video is out now thanks to everyone who sent in their amazing dancing and singing videos. You are truly the best!”

The best part — from the singers to the dancers to the stuffed animals and the ravers — it looks like everyone in the music video is having an absolute blast!  Congrats to everyone who made it onto the fanmade release.

Oliver Heldens – What The Funk ft. Danny Shah