Following just two weeks after the release of his left-field single “Bigger Picture,” Puppet is already giving listeners a second dose of what is to come on his Life Overseas EP with another stellar track.

Named for Puppet’s natural ambition, “Dynamo” sees the artist pushing even further into the punk rock territory that was first explored on his 2016 track “Vagabond.” While this blend of rock and electronic music has almost always been central to Puppet’s music, it seems that this vision will be fully realized on his upcoming EP (if these last two singles are at all representative of the whole project, anyhow).

Just like its precursor, “Dynamo” is packed with energy, passion and absolutely glorious melodies. Additionally, Puppet has once again provided his own vocals for the song, which gives the track a perfect layer of rawness and realness.

The release of “Dynamo” is accompanied by an emotionally-packed music video, which you can check out below:

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