Pop house artist Miriam Tamar’s last video for her single “Firedance” Morsy remix did more than light up the dance floor. It brought attention to the very inspiring cause of Breakdance Project Uganda. Now Tamar has teamed up with prominent house producer Morsy once again to remix her latest track “Who We,” with a stunning video to go along with it. The original video has had over half a million views on YouTube, but the video for Morsy’s remix may eclipse that, since it’s already had almost 50k since October.

Morsy’s remix for “Who We” still has a tribal flavor similar to “Firedance” but the beat has more of an island or Latin flare. The initial vocals and melody, however, seem once again inspired by West Africa, where Tamar lived for many years. The remixed song is put together like a pop song, which is to say the music follow Tamar’s pitch-perfect vocals in a verse-chorus-verse format rather than an EDM format with breaks, buildups and drops to the beat. That said, it’s still more than capable of lighting up a dancefloor and has a great festival vibe.

Not to be confused with the original “Who We” video which was set in a forest and has a lot of close shots of Tamar, the Morsy remix video is much more stark. Shot mostly on wide angles, the landscape here is of huge desert dunes and sprawling empty beaches. While there’s definitely a unifying nature theme to the two videos, it’s clear director Liv Corlliander wanted to highlight the difference between the two tracks with the palpably different locations and imagery used in each video.

As Miriam Tamar has been releasing tracks from her Firedance EP with these gorgeous and socially conscious videos and teaming up with talented EDM producers like Morsy, she’s ensured that her music stays in the forefront of the electronic and pop scenes. With the original and remix of “Who We” and “Firedance” before it, she’s also succeeding in bringing a broader audience to hear her music and message as well as to worthwhile causes like Breakbeat Dance Uganda. This is feel-good dance music at its finest.

Miriam Tamar’s Firedance EP is out now and available on Soundcloud,  iTunes or Spotify. Visit her YouTube channel to check out the videos for the original mix of “Who We” and the inspiring “Firedance” Morsy remix featuring Breakdance Project Uganda dancers.