Finding hidden gems is undoubtedly one of the greatest parts of my job; whether I’m being pitched tracks or finding them on Soundcloud myself, the end result is the same: me dancing like a fool in my room.

The latest track to make me act a fool is Miles Hardt’s new song “Dizzy.” The production is simple, but effective, placing a distinctive groove and rhythm in your speakers. That funky bass guitar riff is also tasty as hell. But the real gem of the track is truly Hardt’s vocals; those dulcet tones are addictive in all the right ways and I never want the track to end.

Miles says of the song, “My first single ‘Long Ago’ was a hopeful song but ‘Dizzy,’ the follow up single is the actual experience of loss and the depth of that loss I felt creating this project. In writing it I was slipping back into old negative thoughts and habits. It’s the sadness and dizziness that makes you want to curl up and tune out so you don’t have to feel. It’s important to feel so I wrote this song with all its heavy emotion but I wrote it with a beat and rhythm that brought me a good feeling. I know everyday people experience loss of love and the pain that goes along with that. It’s my desire to express feelings we all experience and give everyone a soundtrack.”

There’s no “drop” in the traditional EDM sense, but you can’t deny that epic groove. Check out “Dizzy” below.

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