It was a breath of fresh air earlier this year when Skrillex teamed up with Poo Bear for his original track “Would You Ever?” It was a breath of fresh air because increasingly Skrillex has been focusing on producing in the background or lending his abilities to other collaborative projects throughout the past year or two. Well, he’s back in the background again on this new track by Latin artist Juanes, which also features Poo Bear.

On the production side, this isn’t really something we’ve heard from Skrillex before, who’s taken influence from Latin and reggae for “All We Can Do” by Juanes. The song has a sort of intentional lo-fi quality to it, and the beginning melody sounds vaguely familiar of a classic rock song from the ’80s, the name of which eludes me.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new Skrillex tune to jam to, keep looking. But if you’re looking to see what else one of your favorite producers is capable of in the studio, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not listening to this.

Juanes & Poo Bear – All We Can Do [prod. by Skrillex]


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