Flume has just been named Australia’s “Solo Artist of the Year” thanks to GQ Magazine!

On this issue of GQ Australia’s “Men of the Year” the producer represents electronic music loudly and proudly as he’s featured on the cover for. The title is well deserved, being that Flume boasts an untouchable style all his own and continues to produce innovative electronic music, as well as set and exceed expectations for the genre.

This year, Flume put out two companion EPs for his Grammy award-winning sophomore album Skin. Listen to both the Skin Companion EP and Skin Companion EP II.

Flume remarks on his great accomplishment:

“I just wanted to say thank you for the award of Solo Artist of the Year. It means a lot, especially to be surrounded by so many talented people in their own fields. The shoot we did in LA, it was fun. I’m not one for shoots, I usually don’t like them, but the shoot we did for GQ was a lot of fun. I’ve never worn so many suits in my life. I’m really excited to be coming back to Australia. I’m coming back at the end of the year for Falls Festival and Field Day, but until then, thank you!”

Flume Named GQ Australia’s “Solo Artist of the Year” 2017

Source: GQ Australia