The blend of pop-punk vocals and bass music is starting to make a resurgence it seems, most recently with Kayzo & Slander’s song “Holy,” and now with Spag Heddy’s “Dream & Disaster” on Never Say Die (coincidentally with the same vocalist, Micah Martin). While metal and screamo vocals were the de rigueur for the longest time in bass music, I can definitely see pop-punk making a strong case for itself based on just these two songs.

Spag Heddy’s “Dream & Disaster” makes excellent use of Martin’s vocals leading into the drops and bridges. With pure emotive sound placed next to evil and discordant synth work, the song achieves a depth and variety that prevents it from being “just another song to drop in your sets.” There’s no doubt that producers will choose to use Martin’s vocals in any mix-in while playing because it just brings so much suspense and power to the drop.

As for the drop itself, excellent use of percussion and some unique arrangement give it the luster to stand out from the crowd; when this drops, you’re going to be screaming, “Yes yes yes! It’s this song!”

Check out “Dream & Disaster” by Spag Heddy below, out now on Never Say Die Records.