“Fatal Attraction” by Mob Tactics and featuring Joanna Syze releases along with “Tweakers” feat. Ryme Tyme on Viper this Friday, November 24 and has been hotly anticipated by the drum and bass community for quite some time. Said dnb community also knows how Viper likes to tease, however, so now that the tracks are finally releasing, Your EDM is happy to report that “Fatal Attraction” was worth the wait.

Joanna Syze wrote the intro, vocals and opening chords for “Fatal Attraction” and also performed the vox herself. The rest of the song is all Mob Tactics and it’s all perfect for Viper. All three artists admitted it was a big undertaking to put a song like this together as Syze tends to be on the darker, more emotive side while Mob Tactics are definitely more steppy style-wise. They┬ánonetheless have a sense of humor about the process of creating the track:

“‘Fatal Attraction’ has been an 18 month labor of love. About 12 million hours, 676 different versions, blood, sweat, tears and shattered dreams! Thank fuck it’s finally coming out,” Luke Bugden and Syze said in a combined statement, “…the song is a very personal one (as well) and something we’re all immensely proud of. Hopefully all the hard work was worth it and people will feel what we did.”

Despite having a quite long vocal verse by Syze, “Fatal Attaction” is still constructed like a drum and bass tune rather than pop or rock. The verse is performed in full in the intro and then Bugden and Mark Sims chop it up, distort it and put it back together to fit the structure of the song. An abridged version of the verse shows up in the epic break (it’s over a minute long) before some extra synths are added to finish out the song. There is also a vocal outro which sounds like slightly different lyrics and with Syze using a different vocal timbre. This creates a bookend effect with the emotive vocals.

The track itself is steppy and lively. One of the ways Sims and Budgen merged the fun, Pendulum-style synths and jumpy beat with Syze’s vocals was to make the production epic with lots of cinematic samples and orchestral tones which punctuate each phrase. This is something Mob Tactics have been doing quite a bit lately and many fans are appreciating a return to the epic jump up sounds of the mid-00s.

It’s a difficult task to combine a fun, danceable jump up track with goosebump-inducingly emotive vocals and come up with a cohesive dnb tune, but if anyone is up to the challenge it’s Mob Tactics and Joanna Syze. As these tracks come out, Syze and Mob Tactics are cautiously optimistic about future collabs, as they’re both working on separate releases at the moment. Their statement on the matter? “You can expect the next Mob Tactics x Joanna Syze collab sometime in the next eight years!”

The “Tweakers/Fatal Attraction” single will be out on Viper Friday, November 24. Pre-order and stream service link here.