While San Jose and Los Angeles are used to big bass massives (think Vital Events and Bassrush), other areas in California and particularly in the Bay Area aren’t as fortunate. Thankfully, Torque Events was created to change that.

If you’ve never heard of Torque Events, you haven’t been living under a rock or anything so pedestrian. The new events company is throwing their first event called Metropolis at the CWH Event Center in Sacramento, and by the look of the lineup, they definitely know what they’re doing.

The Phase 1 lineup for Metropolis features headliners Funtcase and Gentlemen’s Club, as well as support from Krimer, Dr Ozi, Subtronics, and special guest Ray Volpe. Cherney and Sub Artillery will serve as local support, though even they are big, rising names in the bass scene in their own right.

Tickets go on sale today for this event. It will be held March 9-10 next year. Wouldn’t you love to say you were at the first-ever Metropolis when it’s one of the biggest events in the country 5-10 years down the line?

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Photo via Jake West