Xcellerated, wisely, tends to separate its drum and bass nights into various specialties or subgenres. Arguably one of the most popular series is the Liquid Sessions, for which their event on November 25 will be the fifth installment. In terms of Liquid Sessions, it really doesn’t get any more liquid than this.

It can be argued that LTJ Bukem is really one of the founders of what we know today as liquid drum and bass or liquid funk. A fusion of early jungle, jazz and trip hop, liquid has evolved into many different forms, but LTJ is considered a master and is still very much a tastemaker in terms of what gets played and where this mellow, vocal-heavy version of dnb goes. This has been Bukem’s first U.S. tour in quite a while and it looks likeĀ  his 2-hour set at Xcellerated is one of only three stops in the U.S. before he heads back to England, so if you love liquid and you want to see what it looks like in its truest form, do not miss this performance.

True to Xcellerated’s tradition and despite LTJ Bukem being a Liquid Session all on his own, he will not be the only UK liquid heavy hitter on the docket this evening. Commix, another well-known pioneer in the ways of the liquid groove from Metalheadz will be playing and it is also the U.S. debut of Shogun Audio’s Technimatic, a duo who have been making waves in the newer forms of liquid. This event thus could really be seen as spanning the history of liquid DnB, and those seeking an education on this subgenre should prepare to be schooled.

Opening up the liquid funk extravaganza will be stateside selector Flaco, and the evening will be hosted by MCs J-Tec and Dino. Pre-sale tickets are available until 5pm on the day of the show and can be purchased via Eventbrite. For more details and directions, click here.