Typically, rave days come to a screeching halt when the time comes to settle down, have children, and focus on family life. The babysitter probably won’t understand why you’re coming home late, covered in glitter, and offer a PLUR bracelet to make up for the extra after hours.

But some people want to have their kids and rave, too. Which is why the company Big Fish Little Fish is working to organize events known as “teatime nightclubs” where even toddlers are welcome. The parties offer a family-friendly atmosphere so kids and their parents can “rave” together with DJs, dancefloors, and “baby chill” areas. Grown ups can hit the bar, while kids can hit the craft table.

Each event is themed (i.e. superheroes, outer space, fairy tales, togas, dinosaurs, etc.) so kids will get to play dress up and much like their parents used to do in their raver heydays.

Big Fish Little Fish Director of Communications Natasha Morabito told The Sun: “We’ll be touring the night clubs and cultural centres from Margate to Exeter and many other places in between, finishing off with three afternoons on the Camp Bestival Bollywood stage — which is their main dance stage.”

Big Fish Little Fish has hosted more than 150 events over the last year. Teatimes have been organized across the UK, and are now branching out to Australia and other countries soon to follow.

Source: The Sun | Photo via Big Fish Little Fish