As Snapchat gears up for an all new app redesign, the company has quietly launched some new filters that will please dog lovers, foodies and more.

Now the software can recognize your adorable pets, the meal you’re inclined to take a pic of before eating, and the environment around you. Users will automatically see the snaps appear in the filter carousel, as a spokesperson officially confirmed to Mashable the rollout began last week.

Along with pets and food, Snapchat can also recognize other categories including concerts, sports, and beaches. By snapping such images, users can unlock the new context-related filters that read things like “It’s a pawty!” (get it?), “ocean view,” and “NOMS!” Google images work too, if you want to test ’em out!

Time, temperature, and speed filters have relocated in the app as stickers in the creative tool bar. Get ready for even more changes, different arrangement, and likely a new aesthetic coming from Snapchat with the entire redesign coming soon.

As Mashable notes, we could be looking at the future of ads. Snapchat has a patent involving advertising and object recognition to serve its users relevant filters, which only makes sense to capitalize on. For now though, these filters are just for fun!


Source: Mashable