Oliver Heldens dropped his funkiest single yet, “What The Funk,” toward the end of September and followed it up with a crazy music video that featured 100 of his biggest fans. Now, a little over two months later, “What The Funk” has gotten a remix fit for any mainstage thanks to Steve Aoki.

Before you get up in arms about another Steve Aoki remix, this one does a spectacular job of weaving in Heldens’ original funky fresh melodies with a more synth style. The vocals from┬áDanny Shah are also still front and center where they can be, adding to the funk more than anything else. But once the drop hits, that vibe is replaced by a pounding house rhythm and big room synths that can’t help but make you jump and bounce.

This new Steve Aoki remix may be one of our favorites in recent memory. Check it out below!


Photo via Rukes.com