If you haven’t heard of Lil Hank, chances are you don’t live in Los Angeles and that’s not your fault. But it should be known that Lil Hank is EDM’s favorite pooch and if you don’t agree then you can go eat a dog biscuit.

Moving right along, Lil Hank has just released his debut EP called Edm’s Last Hope (at just 2 years old, wow!) and 50% of proceeds are going to animal shelters in places hit hard by hurricanes this year! So yay for that. Aside from the obvious altruistic reasons for purchasing the EP, you should definitely give it a listen, as well. Lil Hank has lots of friends who are really excellent producers, many of whom you’ve probably seen at festivals. We wonder if you could hear any of their influences in this EP…?

Buy a copy at http://itslilhank.dog and show all your four-legged friends that you care about them.