Your EDM introduced the quirky and eccentric electro-driven guitar sounds of Meanr Mynr, an artist out of Denver whose first album The Compound had heads turning in both indie and EDM camps. His newest The Sacrifice EP sees Meanr Mynr stripping down the electronic elements a bit but adding other genres.

On The Sacrifice, Meanr Mynr still uses his electronic backgrounds to support his truly stellar guitar work, so said guitar is once again front and center. The synths and drums used on the title track and others like “From the Ashes,” however, have definite EDM influence. “From the Ashes” especially could be used easily in a techno set. Other tracks like “Party to Damascus” and “Sanctified,” while still electronic, are more driven by rock-style beats and funky synths. There are also a couple of wild cards: “Saint James” has a dubby reggae feel while the aforementioned title track contains classical strings and synth melodies.

It was clear from Meanr Mynr’s first album that he’s not one to shy away from experimentation, but with The Sacrifice the guitar virtuoso seems to be really stretching his composition legs, incorporating as many genres itno this EP as he can. The Sacrifice definitely errs more on the experimental side than The Compound, which was more cohesive, but that’s not a bad thing. Playing with genres is the only way to find one’s sound. Since he already has the guitar on lock, Meanr Mynr can afford to play around with his electronic elements.

The Sacrifice is out now and available on Soundcloud or Spotify to stream or Bandcamp to purchase.