Apple lovers have barely had time to get fully acquainted with their new iPhone X devices and there are already rumors swarming of the biggest upgrade yet!

On the outside, the brand new iPhone X is appealing, but there’s one major improvement that can only be made from within. An inside source reveals to Forbes that Apple is set to give millions of its customers a much needed battery life upgrade.

A newly built, in-house power management chip would be the “most advanced in the industry” and enable longer time spent between users and their beloved iPhones. The source says we can “expect devices capable of delivering better performance on lower power consumption.”

The current plan, according to Forbes‘ intelligence, says the new power management chips could go into iPhones starting next year, but could take through 2019 to be fulfilled — depending on the time it takes to produce the technology.

A big complaint among iPhone users is that battery life is less than stellar, and usually the first thing to go. Hopefully, this will soon be a thing of the past for those who can’t get enough of their Apple smartphones!


Source: Forbes