Spotify has finally listened to its users — after years of asking for a like/dislike button for Discover Weekly playlists, the music streaming platform has implemented the new system!

The Discover Weekly playlist is a weekly roundup of songs Spotify thinks their users will love, refreshed every single Monday. Sometimes Discover Weekly seems to be spot on, and other times not so much. Based on listening history, Spotify fans with similar tastes, and now the like/dislike feature, the playlist seeks to cater directly to the listener with a new kind of accuracy. In theory, it kind of similar to up and down-voting on Reddit.

To like a song that’s playing on a Discover Weekly, simply click the “like” button shaped like a heart and carry on. To dislike a track, click on the “no” sign as pictured in the tweet below. It’s silly easy and will heighten user experience while listening on Spotify.

The popular Discover Weekly feature is used to stream nearly 5 billion tracks yearly., so this much needed addition will undoubtedly please many of its listeners.

So far, the like/dislike feature is part of a test only available for select users and there’s no word when a full rollout will take place on Spotify. Stay tuned.

Like/Dislike On Spotify

H/T: Mashable