Since Rene LaVice took over Friction’s residency on BBC Radio 1 a few months ago, no one’s really expected much from him in the production arena. RLV has been touring, after all, putting together this radio show each week and apparently doing a lot of promo for both, as well he should. Friction’s shoes are big ones to fill on Radio 1, but it seems Rene has been rising to the challenge and the show is more popular than ever.

In the middle of all these transitions, however, RLV has put together at least one track to close out 2017. “Twilight” is a melodic and vocal roller perfectly suited to RAM and featuring vocalist Faye. The track starts out with a liquid-sounding verse from Faye and snares to match, but after the first breakdown it’s clear that “Twilight” is not going to be typical melodic track. The bass gets really heavy really quickly, bringing a wholly unexpected darkstep angle. LaVice fills in the minimal gaps between said heavy bass and a very classic, simple beat with Faye’s chopped up lyrics and some piano-based synths.

It’s interesting in “Twilight” and a bit surprising that sometimes the cut up vocals are offset from the timing of the bass and drums. This even happens on the break before the ending beat sequence. It’s a really cool choice. Drum and bass heads are known for liking dissonance and offset timing in their tracks, but even that follows a certain pattern. In “Twilight,” LaVice even breaks that pattern, and it gives what would otherwise be a clean, danceable track an added jolt of syncopated fun.

“Twilight” is out today on RAM. Check the label’s website for buy links. Spotify users can listen now by clicking here.