Here’s a fun one… house music or bass music?!

We love ’em both, but we want to know which genre you prefer.

Maybe you need a four on the floor beat that resonates deep in your soul. You dig hours of repetition because who doesn’t appreciate some stability in this crazy world?! After all, house music is timeless.

Or perhaps wubs make your heart go “wubba lubba dub dub!” That big, bassy sound and the energy it gives off is exactly what you need to make it through a show. Bass heads, we know you’re out there.

“I like the bass in my face,” our reader Kylie writes. “House isn’t bad tho.”

“People still listen to house?” another comments. Logan — we hope you’re kidding.

What does your gut tell you? Vote here!

House Music vs. Bass Music

House Music or Bass Music?

Posted by Your EDM on Friday, December 8, 2017