After years of no new music, electronic music icon and tastemaker Porter Robinson finally lifted the veil on a plethora of new things he had been working on. On December 8th, 2017, the genius behind the 2014 Worlds album threw a warehouse rave for die-hard fans under his Virtual Self alias for the first time ever.

The night started as the doors opened up around 9PM with the first act DV-i going on around 10PM. Although DV-i a New York-based electronic producer and DJ had no trouble keeping the crowd entertained with his mixing and untamed on-stage dancing, his set did experience multiple visual problems, something that seemed out of his control.

Right after DV-i was French producer and DJ, Raito. Raito started off his set with arguably one of his most well known tracks “Alien” which he worked with deadmau5 prodigy, Rezz on. The frenchman also mixed in an edit of 6ix9ine’s “Gummo,” SoundCloud’s hottest rapper right now. Besides the the most popular underground rap track and his Rezz collab, Raito kept a steady tech house set for the remainder of his DJ time slot serving as the DJ before the debut Virtual Self set.

Porter Robinson as Virtual Self assumed the stage around 1AM – a slight 15 minutes after he was scheduled to do so, but the crowd did not mind in the slightest. For a solid 20 minutes there was muttering around the venue wondering if Porter had been wearing something new or different on stage to go along with Virtual Self project… nope, just regular Porter in his extra long draped cape-looking jacket. The entire two and a half hour set was completely on point with what one would expect from a Porter Robinson musical-visual experience. This time, Porter showcased a different side of his musical style, culminating in a  darker post-nuclear industrial experience. Text on the large LED panel behind Porter frequently displayed cryptic phrases like “Am I still human?” & “This abyss is sacred” which created an existential type feeling throughout the entirety of the Virtual Self set. Check out some clips from Virtual Self’s debut performance below.

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After the show, before the encore, Porter also spoke about the project briefly and how he waited an entire two years to play out his new material.

Dedicated Porter Robinson fans across the internet pieced together the tracks Virtual Self played during the performance. Check it out below.

VIRTUAL SELF ( U T O P I A ) – Live in Brooklyn – Tracklist:
  • 0:32 Virtual Self – ID (Utopia)
  • 5:50 Virtual Self – Ghost Voices x Onoken – vijore (Virtual Self Edit)
  • 10:12 ID
  • 13:30 SySF – Look To The Sky (Virtual Self Edit)
  • 16:07 Joshua Ryan – Pistolwhip (Virtual Self Edit)
  • 19:09 Virtual Self – A.I.ngel
  • 23:30 Silvertear – SO DEEP (PERFECT SPHERE Remix) (Virtual Self Edit)
  • 26:42 Ayla – Ayla (Taucher Remix)
  • 30:07 ID
  • 31:55 Yves Deruyter – Back To Earth (Rave Mix)
  • 33:28 Dutch Force – Deadline (Virtual Self Remix)
  • 35:48 Bôa – Duvet (ScummV Remix) (Virtual Self Edit)
  • 38:18 ID
  • 39:41 Ian Van Dahl – Castles In The Sky
  • 41:17 Misjah & Groovehead – Trippin Out
  • 44:18 ID
  • 46:38 Deepforces – Godlike
  • 48:34 OutPhase – quasar (Virtual Self Remix)
  • 51:31 ID
  • 52:46 Technical Itch & Kemal – The Calling (Virtual Self Remix)
  • 54:29 dj TAKA – SP-TRIP MACHINE (Virtual Self Remix)
  • 55:59 Current Value – Tremor (Virtual Self Edit)
  • 58:39 Virtual Self – Particle Arts
  • 1:02:40 Scalameriya – Bloodlust (Virtual Self Remix)
  • 1:07:46 Pryda – Stay With Me
  • 1:11:53 ID
  • 1:13:53 t.A.T.u. – Nas Ne Dagoniat (Virtual Self Remix)
  • 1:16:06 ABYSSVM – Cetacean
  • 1:18:47 Kayestone – Atmosphere (Virtual Self Remix)
  • 1:22:13 Tenth Planets – Ghosts (Vincent De Moor Remix) (Virtual Self Edit)
  • 1:27:55 Insertion – Naoki Underground (Virtual Self Edit)
  • 1:29:19 Sada – Star Field (Virtual Self Edit)
  • 1:31:12 Overhead Champion – Sky
  • 1:33:29 Ron Hagen & Pascal M – Forever (Virtual Self Edit)
  • 1:36:48 ID
  • 1:37:40 ID
  • 1:39:08 DJ Outblast – Master’s Symphony
  • 1:40:46 I:Gor – Lose Yourself
  • 1:42:10 ID
  • 1:43:31 I:Gor – Game Tight (Virtual Self Edit)
  • 1:47:00 Callie Reiff & Ronaissance – Tin Machine (Empyrean Tears Remix) (Virtual Self Edit)
  • 1:48:18 RAM – LAB
  • 1:49:33 ID
  • 1:51:31 Virtual Self – EON BREAK

ENCORE (Not in the YouTube video)

  • RAM – satfinal (Virtual Self Edit)
  • ID
  • Virtual Self – Key

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