Praise the EDM gods — this is the video we’ve been waiting for!

After the insane debut of Virtual Self in NYC last night, someone has uploaded the entire two hour show for our viewing pleasure. As the otherworldly production comes to life right before our very eyes in the full length video below, it’s impossible not to experience waves of chills.

As instant-classic productions like “Eon Break” and “Ghost Voices” play out to a crowd for the first time, we’re left in complete amazement. Virtual Self takes us to a whole new world of music, previously unheard – yet somehow so familiar and welcoming.

Porter Robinson’s new side project has taken a front seat to the self-titled productions that made him. Now, fans across the world can see firsthand what the hype is all about.

Thank you, Kelvin Le! You are now a legend!

Virtual Self – NYC – Full Live Set