This morning, the FCC voted in favor of repealing the rules of Net Neutrality put in place by the Obama administration in 2015, otherwise known as Title II. This decision has made a lot of people very, very angry, and those who are capable of fighting against the decision are in the process of doing so.

On the other side of things, we have this awful, awful ad from FCC chairman Ajit Pai, called “7 things you can still do on the internet after net neutrality.” You know how as a millennial you have an internal checklist of things you wish ad agencies wouldn’t do to get your attention? The FCC found that list and used every single one of them.

Fidget spinners? Check. Random mention of eclipse glasses, months after the eclipse? Check. Selfies? Check. Selfie stick? Check. It goes on…

The video also just so happens to contain a clip of Baauer’s 2013 viral hit “Harlem Shake.” And according to Baauer himself, it seems that the FCC, nor anyone involved with the video, bothered to reach out and license the song for the spot.

“I’m Taking action,” Baauer tweeted. “Whatever I can do to stop this loser.”

We’re not actually sure what he can do in this case, especially with the goal of putting net neutrality regulations back in place – and even Baauer himself admits that – but we’re with him every step of the way.