It’s tough to believe that Kayzo’s debut album is only a month away from release, on January 19, 2018. And to top it off, it’s going to be completely new music – which is wild, with only five weeks left until release. That being said, fans today are treated to the first single from Kayzo’s Overload album, “Follow You.”

Featuring the vocals of Devin Oliver from I See Stars, the track starts out with some heavy dubstep and transitions into Kayzo’s more characteristic blend of bass music and psy.

Kayzo says the story of “Follow You” starts “way back in April at an Airbnb in Nashville during my last bus tour with Flux Pavilion. The song itself had many masks before reaching its final form, but for me I wanted to find a way to tap into the musical side of bass music that I resonated with back in 2012-2013. Once the song reached that place in my head where I could go back to that time period, I knew I needed something special to top it off. Devin Oliver of I See Stars has been a friend of mine for a while and we had spoken time to time about getting together on a record. I knew the nostalgia of the song needed something nostalgic vocally as well. I think Devin and I were able to accomplish that with this record.”

Listen to “Follow You” below!


Photo via Brxvn