18-year-old Aussie producer Leotrix has been making music for six years. That means he started producing at the ripe old age of 12, when he first heard dubstep artists like Skrillex. Apparently he didn’t have to tinker around long before he hit on something: while producing upon the urging of trap label Downright Records, he released a number of singles on SoundCloud, including an EP called Arrowhead. In October, Downright decided it was time for Leotrix to show his stuff on the international stage, and they picked his single “Error.”

While Leotrix has been producing for literally a third of his life, not much is known about this relative newcomer to trap and dubstep. Your EDM sat down with him to do some quick-fire questions to find out where Leotrix has been, how he defines his sound and where he’s going.

How did you start producing?

I started producing when I was 12 years old and I’d just found out about dubstep and Skrillex. I was really intrigued by the sound, the format and the setting of the whole scene. It was something I wanted to be a part of and contribute to in a way so I started producing through that.

What about trap and dubstep has interested you as a focus for your music?

The heaviness of it all definitely interested me since I came from a background of heavy metal. I just like heavy music and the way people can express their energy with it.

“Error” sounds quite different and has a lot of bigger, more cinematic elements than some of your earlier work. Was it a conscious decision to step it up in this way?

I’m constantly trying to step it up with what I’m doing and make each track better than the last but the great thing was that the idea for Error just came so naturally to me and I honestly believe that that’s how the magic happens, for me anyway!

It also seems like “Error” has some influences from halftime dnb and neurofunk. Do you think you’d ever want to transition into those genres?

Possibly but not in a way that ties me to just those genres. I do have a sweet spot for halftime dnb and neurofunk, though. Amazing stuff.

 Who are some of your favorite producers and who do you look to for inspiration?

My favorite producers at the moment are Aweminus and my homies Mastadon and Perto. My other favorite producers that I’ve been going to for inspiration are Sam Gellaitry for those melodic soundscape vibes and Space Laces with his incredible sound design.

 How did you hook up with Downright?

I got an email from Downright saying that they were interested in hearing some demos so throughout the year I’d been sending new music to Downright and getting their thoughts on it all. I didn’t know what to expect but when I sent “Error” over they really loved it and said that they wanted to put it out which for me felt super rewarding.

Anything new coming out soon? Anything in the works?

I’ve got my first official remix coming out in a month which is super exciting. I’ve got plenty of stuff in the works too. Hoping to put out some more collaborations in 2018.

Leotrix’s new track “Error” is out now on Downright. Visit Beatport to purchase and be on the lookout for more hefty trap beats from this young Aussie in 2018.