Whether or not the Jack Ü project will ever continue between Skrillex and Diplo has been up in the air for quite some time, with most signs pointing to no. Now, thanks to a recent interview, we might finally have good news for fans of the DJ super duo!

Argentine newspaper La Nación sat down with Diplo during Festival BUE in Buenos Aires, Argentina over the weekend. The interview covered a little bit of everything about Diplo’s vast, global adventures and role as a leader in dance music. What really captured attention, though, was the information he leaked about Skrillex and the possibility of a Jack Ü comeback.

Diplo confirmed: “Skrillex is working on a new album. I think that after that and the new album that we are preparing with Major Lazer, we will make music together again.”

Skrillex has honed in on producing as many projects as possible in 2017, working with everyone from Incubus, to Fifth Harmony, Poo Bear, DJ Sliink, Vindata, Habstrakt, and many more. He also found time to perform with Boys Noize to form Dog Blood and reunited with his emo band, From First to Last.

Honestly, the only news more exciting than the possibility of new Jack Ü material is that Skrillex is working on his first album since Recess in 2014. With everything he’s been working on lately, there’s no telling what it will sound like.

Jack Ü – Mind featuring Kai


Source: La Nación | Photo via Rukes.com