What do you do when you share the name of one of the most hated people in the US? If you’re DJ Ajit Pai of Goa, India, you make the best of it and take it in stride.

With the ruling of the FCC last week on Net Neutrality, Pai’s Instagram was getting blown up by those asking him to stop what he’s doing and see reason. He was understandably confused by the happenings, wondering what was going on and why he was suddenly becoming the focus of such hate and derision. However, the inclusion of the #netneutrality hashtag on many of the comments finally clicked for Pai and it suddenly all made sense.

Since the end of November, the comments on his posts have multiplied sometimes ten-fold, but he and others always respond and let people know they simply don’t have the right person.

“Take a look at the Ajit Pai who’s killing net neutrality,” comments @eskoaarnio on Pai’s latest photo, “and then take a look of this person who doesn’t look ANYTHING LIKE HIM maybe?”

“Well, knowing this hate wasn’t actually meant for me, I was OK with the wrong tags,” Pai told The Verge. “I still reply many times and then people realize it’s not the same person, so they’re apologetic, some of them continue the rage anyways. But I couldn’t keep up with the number of posts and soon gave up.”

Kudos to Pai for the positive attitude.

Check out his awesome website and follow him on Instagram here.