I’ve been to a few shows where a DJ’s movements come across a little too robotic, but this is just taking things too far. DJ KUKA is a modified robot arm from the automotive industry and it wants to DJ your night.

The robot made its debut at Prague’s Karlovy Lazne Music Club earlier this week, and, while technically the robot performed a good set, the human element was definitely missing.

One club attendee told Reuters, “It can’t feel what the people want to dance to. There is no emotion behind the music. When there is a real person, they know, what fun is like.”

“People are excited (about the robot), because they haven’t seen anything like this around Europe, and I am not sure if there is something similar in the world,” club manager Adam Lipsansky told Reuters.

Still, different isn’t always better. If you’re going to any humdrum club night, you might not care about who’s playing the music you’re listening to. But if you’re paying a cover to see a particular act, the last thing you’d want to see if a robot spinning your tunes.


via Reuters