For better or worse—in our opinion for better—”Sandstorm” by Darude is one of EDM’s most iconic anthems. A huge track before EDM got big in America, “Sandstorm” is also Darude’s magnum opus. Because of the track’s constant popularity, Darude has experienced a bit of a career revival. From playing gigs around the world to having “Sandstorm” play as Finland celebrated its 100-year independence, Darude is a rare example of a one-hit wonder who continues to remain relevant.

Now, it appears that Darude may be on course to play America’s biggest multigenre music festival: Coachella. Darude announced the Surrender Tour, which kicks off in January and ends in April. One of the later dates of the tour is marked as TBA for Southern California on April 14. Perhaps not coincidentally, April 14 falls on the Saturday of the first weekend of Coachella. Coachella also takes place in Indio, which is located in Southern California. Darude’s tour dates do not include a second TBA that falls on the second weekend of Coachella, which likely means he’ll play the Do Lab or Heineken House stages, as Coachella’s other main stages have the same lineups each weekend.

Will Darude end up playing Coachella, or is his mysterious Southern California TBA date for another event or venue? Even though Coachella’s lineup will drop soon, we won’t find out until either Darude announces or the festival later announces its Do Lab and Heineken House performers. Keep your eyes peeled!

Check out Darude’s Surrender Tour dates below: