Today, Eric Sharp drops his debut EP Eric Sharp and Friends which features four of his finest works to date with familiar cuts “Too Much” and “Take This Time,” plus new gems “Call In The Night” and “Someplace I Can Call My Own.”

The ‘and friends’ concept certainly holds true on an EP that contains a feature on every track including three with close collaborator Zhao, with French Horn Rebellion joining Sharp on lead single “Too Much.” From start to finish, Sharp shows off his production chops with a diverse array of house-disco records that lie on the softer side of music. Perfect for a night in yet equally suited to a night out in the hands of the right DJ, Sharp’s no stranger to the DJ world and has readily admitted to using all four records – even if his own sets lie nearer to the techno world sonically.

Stream Eric Sharp and Friend below and check it out on iTunes or Spotify here too!