Great news for musicians, producers, DJs and anyone else that needs instantaneous feedback on track performance — SoundCloud is finally offering just that!

It’s crazy that this is a new feature, but now all of your favorite stats including plays, likes, reposts, comments and downloads are updated in real-time. With this new rollout, SoundCloud offers instant feedback on track performance and listener engagement so users can stay in tune with uploads.

It looks something like this…

In an official release, SoundCloud elaborates on the importance of these real-time stats:

Whether you just shared your very first upload or have over a million followers, creators know the importance of monitoring a track’s performance, particularly in key moments such as a new release or during a promotional push. Culture moves fast and you need to stay on top of your tracks, catching and capitalizing on each surge, spike, and share right when it occurs.

SoundCloud now even has a way to track when fans are tuning in, helping artists engage with their own communities faster and more efficiently.

To get started, open the stats page via the SoundCloud Pulse app, select “Today” in the drop down menu, and voila! Real-time stats at your fingertips. Simply refresh to stay updated.

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Source: SoundCloud