EDM is all about community and artists like Datsik know it!

Apparently during a recent stop on his Ninja Nation Tour, he looked out and noticed someone in the audience who didn’t look to be doing so hot. This would have been easy to shake off, ignore, or not even notice in the first place — but according to a fan, Datsik put his show on hold to get on the mic.

“Hey, is this guy up front alright? Can we get him some help?”

Thankfully, according to the Redditor, the guy was ok and the show went on. Still, this is an impressive story that speaks to the awareness Datsik carries on stage and the responsibility we all have to look out for one another.

As show-goers we have a duty to make sure everyone is having a fun and safe time to the best of our abilities. This might mean offering up some water who someone who needs it, not pushing to get to the front even if your favorite DJ is playing, or simply being aware of your surroundings in case of situations like this.

Thanks for being awesome, Datsik!

Datsik stopped his set last night because he was worried about someone in the audience. from trap