Can we stop putting artists into boxes in 2018?

Sure, it’s out of the ordinary to see Diplo on the lineup for Movement Detroit, a festival known for showcasing the underground and upholding the integrity of techno music in the city that popularized it… But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s set out to bombard the crowd with ear-piercing top 40 hits.

In the wake of the 2018 lineup announcement, a few Movement regulars have taken it upon themselves to call Diplo out via Twitter. On what? On trying something different. On getting out of his comfort zone. How dare him…

“Please don’t show up for movement fest @diplo,” one tweet reads.

Another calls out Diplo, Rezz, and Mija (a Movement regular herself) as “hacks.” Ugh.

As someone who loves and cherishes Movement dearly, let me offer a pro tip: just because Diplo is at the festival does not mean you’re required to go see him. In fact, there will be plenty of other amazing acts playing at the very same time he is — so you and your flawless taste in music can just move right along to the next stage.

Diplo is handling the criticism well through snark and sarcasm, but ultimately says Movement fans can expect some “nu deep vibes.” That sounds pretty cool.

Plus, whatever Diplo does on stage will never come close to forever tarnishing Movement in the way Snoop Dogg aka “DJ Snoopadelic” did in 2015. Woof.

Diplo Responds To His Movement Haters


Photo: Jas Davis