Most of the guys in the melodic dubstep game have been there since the beginning: Seven Lions, Skrux, Culture Code, Mutrix, etc. However, as the riddim hype dies down just a bit, other styles of bass music as seeing a small resurgence, with artists like Panda Eyes and Chime leading the way.

It’s rare to hear melodic dubstep songs without vocals, but these two make it work on “White Magic.” The lead synth titillates and teases the keys lightly, while the bass notes and drums work hard to keep the energy up. The melody is whimsical and always present, never letting up for a second or letting you forget just what you’re hearing.

The final drop brings in a bit heavier dubstep sound, but the melody is retained throughout.

Both artists are young enough that they could have a big future in the scene, and with songs like this, we think they’re both on the right track. Check out “White Magic” below.