Axwell Λ Ingrosso upset many of their fans when they released the final version of their song “Dreamer,” as they had played a progressive house version of the song at ADE that many fans thought was superior. Thankfully, remixes are a thing, and Matisse & Sadko have come through with the progressive house version that fans have been begging for.

True, it’s not the version that was played at ADE, but it definitely hits a sweet spot. Progressive house has become one of the most sought after genres in dance music in the past few months, as fans have become tired with future bass and dubstep, and desire a return to the classic and anthemic sounds of prog house.

Proximity wrote, “Matisse & Sadko bring a progressive house version to Dreamer. Although it’s not the version that Axwell & Ingrosso played during ADE, it’s still a solid remix that I hope you all enjoy.”

Check out Matisse & Sadko’s remix below! The rest of the “Dreamer” remixes are out tomorrow.


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