After “Twinbow,” I was hesitant to hear another Slushii and Marshmello collaboration. However, I cannot honestly deny that I would be belting out the words to “There x2” with the rest of the crowd.

Their new collaboration features more vocals from Marshmello, who has been cultivating a sort of pop punk-ish sensibility akin to Sum 41 or blink-182. And certainly, he’s hitting some notes in this track that we really weren’t expecting. As for the production, it’s not the cleanest we’ve ever heard nor the most technically complex, but that really isn’t the goal of the track. Perhaps the grittiness is in part intentional, but it still has double the dose of normal sugary flavor that any song by either of them individually would have.

Next time you see Marshmello on tour, don’t be surprised if he comes out from behind the decks to sing this one live. Check it out below.


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