Many producers have tried their hand at remixing “I Fall Apart” by Post Malone. Many have done well, many have… not, but Medasin could be the first who truly knocked it out of the park.

While Post Malone is technically a “rapper,” his singing voice is still seriously good, and that comes through on “I Fall Apart.” Medasin takes full advantage of that and arranges his remix with natural elements (sounds of animals and nature), eventually weaving it all into a soft and melodic future bass drop.

What I like best about this remix in particular is how much of the original is left intact and recognizable, while still being a completely fresh take. In other words, there’s no way to be unsure of what the original song was, but it’s impossible to confuse the remix with the original.

Medasin has always done well at combining the melodic with the uplifting, and this track is an excellent example of such prowess. It’s out now, so check it out below. And be sure to grab tickets to see Medasin on his IRENE tour this month.