Camping at the rail has become a hot button issue in the past couple years, in no small part due to a select group of Bassnectar fans who stay at the rails throughout the day, often taking spots from fans of artists who play earlier in the day.

This year at Okeechobee Festival, that won’t happen. Responding to an attendee who was asking about a rumor that Okee was paying security extra to clear the rails between sets, saying he was “NOT” moving until after Bassnectar plays, the festival offered confirmation.

“The rail is cleared between sets,” they wrote back. “It’s only fair.”

This is sure to infuriate many Bassnectar fans, or even people who simply want to stay at the rail for two consecutive artists. But the bigger question on some people’s minds is, will they comply?

With less than a month to festival time, we’re sure these questions will be answered soon. If not, you’ll have to tell us what it’s like at the rail at Okeechobee.


Photo via dvphotovideo for Okeechobee