Dancing doesn’t seem out of the ordinary inside a nightclub, but one in Tokyo called Aoyama Hachi was recently shut for allowing patrons to dance through the night.

The establishment was violating the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses, also known as the country’s “no dancing law.” Tokyo Metropolitan Police reportedly arrested three people for allowing the dance party to go on the way it was — the main issues being its organized dance floor space wasn’t up to par and alcohol was illegally being served.

Tokyo Reporter revealed the club’s manager, assistant manager, and one other person in connection were arrested. Police said they had been warned previously of the violations, but failed to comply.

This was the first bust connected to the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses, according to Tokyo Reporter. Under the law, dance clubs can operate until 5 am, but aren’t to serve alcohol like at Aoyama Hachi. There are also specific dance floor requirements including “floor space be at least 33 square meters” and “at least 10 lumens per square meter,” roughly as bright as a lit city street.


H/T: Mixmag | Source: Tokyo Reporter