Among all of Daft Punk’s classic hits, some are bound to be less well remembered than others. Before writing this article, I thought “Something About Us” was one of them; turns out, it’s the third most-played track on Discovery, just behind “One More Time” and “Harder Better Faster Stronger.” Despite being one of the slowest, more melodic tracks on Daft Punk’s second album, its pure funk is deathly attractive.

Somehow, rising artist Mickey Kojak got it in his mind to cover the song and we’re really glad he did. Much of the song’s structure remains intact, down to the reverbed synths and percussion. However, whereas the original kind of trails off at the end, Kojak went full psych rock and laid down one of the warmest guitar solos we’ve heard in a long while. Just the right amount of distortion, and of course the perfect melody, makes this version nearly on par with the original… maybe better.

Check out Kojak’s cover, and compare it to the original, below!