South Africa’s electronic trio, GoodLuck release their new single ‘Be Yourself’ as the debut signing on the bands’ independent record label entitled, Get Lucky Records. This next sequential step in their career is destined to focus solely African talent for the international market. On route forming bold partnerships with organisations such as Bridges for Music to give back to the non-profit organisation with the hope to uplift Africa’s undiscovered talent. Sam Feldt the legend he is has already supported the foundation.  The new single features the trio’s close friend from the Netherlands, DJ and Producer, Boris Smith. Sharing his new sound with the world the Dutch muso has worked with the industry’s top talent such as Tiesto, Hardwell, Dannic and many more. While on tour in Europe, the band linked up with Boris to produce ‘Be Yourself’. Listen to this inspiring record below:

Artist Sam Feldt being the legend he is did not wait long to support their effort and donated to their Charity Bike tour for Bridges for Music. Follow his lead and donate here.

When talking to the band’s lead vocalist about this latest single, Juliet Harding she commented:

This is my favourite track off our latest album [The Nature Within] as I was doing a lot of soul searching at the time whilst writing the lyrics – it’s an honest look into one’s self-worth and encourages everyone to be who they are and ignore the pressure to conform. There are so many people in the world and we’re all especially unique. We should not just fit in and have the courage to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. It’s an uplifting track and pushes you to dance how you want to dance and ultimately be happy.’’  ‘Be Yourself’ is sure to climb the charts locally and abroad and has already been picked up by EDM giants such as Tiesto and Sam Feldt who have both supported the track.